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Whole-Home Air Purification Systems

"Central Air Purification"
Requires Central A/C system

99% Reduction of Bacteria! Consistently show 99% reduction (or more) of airborne and surface bacteria in

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Purifies Whole Home Evenly
Babbs in-duct air cleaners are installed at the main air return duct of your HVAC system, so they purify all the air that enters the duct system. This purified air is then circulated throughout the home through all the supply vents. Babbs in-duct air purifiers also produce proper levels of ozone, which is circulated evenly throughout every room in the home or building through the supply vents in the home or building. The ozone level will typically be about .02 parts per million, and will never exceed .04 parts per million (if proper unit selected), which is within the standard set by the FDA.

Far More Effective than Filtration Systems
Babbs in-duct air purifiers combine four highly effective air purification methods to clean the air in your home or building, all of which can remove particles of a much smaller size than even the best filtration systems. Babbs in-duct air cleaners can remove many types of pollutants and particles that even HEPA filters cannot, such as viruses, odors, most fumes, most bacteria, most smoke particles, most gases, and many of the different types of dust, allergens, and skin flakes.  These four methods used by the Babbs In-duct units are:

  1. Germicidal ultraviolet light is used to kill bacteria, viruses, and fungi.
  2. "Activated Oxygen" (ozone) is used to eliminate odors, neutralize harmful gases and chemicals, and to destroy bacteria, viruses, and fungi.
  3. Negative ions remove solid particles from the air, such as dust, pollen, soot, smoke, etc.; Much lower level than that produced by Surround Air and Spring Air purifiers.
  4. Purifying hydroxyls are also produced, which oxidize harmful organic contaminates.

How In-Duct Air Cleaners Clean the Air.

Far More Economical than Filtration Systems
Babbs in-duct air purification systems utilize a highly advanced (patent-pending) ultraviolet light lamp that produces each of the air-cleansing agents mentioned above in safe and effective levels. This UV lamp is the only part that needs to be replaced (about once a year). Each replacement lamp will cost you $49 ($86 for larger unit). Compare this to filtration systems, which typically need to be replaced every 2-4 months, and can easily cost over a hundred dollars per replacement.

No Noise
The Babbs in-duct air cleaner works without being seen or heard.

Easy Installation
It will take an Air Conditioning Contractor about 20 - 30 minutes to install. You do need an air conditioning contractor to install the Babbs in-duct air purifier, which should cost around $60.

No Risk, Strong Customer Support
Babbs in-duct air purification systems come with a 5-year warranty, a 30-day money-back guarantee, and free shipping.


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atom.JPG (5614 bytes)  "How UV Air Cleaners Purify the Air."
1. Hydroxyl Radicals  |  2. Ozone  |  3. Negative Ions  |  4. Ultraviolet Light

Independent Test Results

After 1 hour.
After running Babbs air purifier for 24 hours, then leaving petri dish out for 1 hour in same room (several feet away from where air purifier was placed).

nature's most powerful air-cleansing agents

1. Purifying Hydroxyl Radicals (OH)

Babbs air purifiers use a patent-pending process to create hydroxyl radicals (OH), which are much more powerful at purifying the air than even ozone. Hydroxyl radicals are 33% more powerful as an oxidant than ozone, and 2.5 times more powerful than chlorine, making them that much more effective at destroying fungi (such as mold), bacteria, viruses, germs, chemical fumes and vapors, etc.

According to a recent New York Times article (May, 2001), hydroxyl radicals are thought by atmospheric chemistry scientists to purge more than half the sulfur dioxide added to the air by smokestacks, volcanoes and other sources.

Also, atmospheric experts from a study being conducted over the Indian Ocean concerning hydroxyl radical levels advise us that without hydroxyl radicals, air pollution can persist for much longer, exacerbating its effects, since it is needed to clean remove toxins from the air.


How Ultraviolet Light Air Cleaners Produce Hydroxyl Radicals

Ultraviolet Light air purifiers produce just enough ozone to enable the production of hydroxyl radicals. As the ozone is produced, it is exposed to the UV light, which breaks the O3 into O2 and O1 ("oxygen singlet" molecules). The O1 molecules are highly reactive, and will combine with hydrogen atoms in the air to make OH (hydroxyl radicals), which are an extremely powerful air purifying agent.

The Ultraviolet air purifiers are able to produce much higher quantities of hydroxyl radicals (which have no harmful side effects) than any other UV air purifier. This is the result of being able to produce a much more consistent UV wavelength, which results in continuous production of hydroxyl radicals.

They utilize an exclusive 12-volt power supply which results in unprecedented consistency and stability at producing short UV wavelengths. All other UV air purifiers use methods that result in fluctuation of the UV wavelength, so the hydroxyl radicals are not produced continuously. This 12-volt technology allows the bulb to take in the power smoothly, while all other methods cause the bulb to take the power in cyclical surges.

2. Ozone

Effectiveness and Safety of Ozone:
is highly reactive, and oxidizes pollutants it encounters, rendering them harmless, while also removing odors. It (O3) loses one of its oxygen molecules in this oxidation process, causing it to revert back to oxygen, leaving behind pure, fresh air. Ozone can be effective against chemical sources, bacteria, mold, odors, etc. Once a pollutant is oxidized by ozone, it is no longer toxic, allergenic, or odor causing. As a result, even if an oxidized contaminate remains in the air and is inhaled, it has no effect. Plus, ozonated microorganisms (such as mold spores or bacteria) are no longer able to reproduce, which causes their numbers to quickly diminish.

How Ultraviolet Light Air Cleaners Produce Ozone
Ultraviolet air purifiers produce only enough ozone to enable the production of large amounts of hydroxyl radicals. As a result, safe ozone levels are guaranteed. Babbs air cleaners produce ozone with a patent-pending ultraviolet (UV) light lamp. As a result, they do not create oxides of nitrogen as a byproduct like ozone generators using plates can. Nitrogen oxide can serve as a minor irritant, and can create a "metallic" or "bleach-like" smell.

Ultraviolet air purifiers ozonate air that circulates into its chamber, then also emit the ozone throughout the area in which it is specified to cover. Ozone distribution is also aided by the natural air currents in your home or workplace . Ultraviolet air cleaners are designed to keep safe ozone levels within .04 parts per million when operated according to instructions, which is within the FDA and OSHA standards of .05 parts per million.

Most ozone air purifiers use the corona discharge method for creating ozone, which is not as reliable and consistent. As a result, there is more of a likelihood that such a unit will need repair work, and that it will produce excessive ozone levels, unlike the Ultraviolet air cleaning system.


3. Negative Ions

How Negative Ions Work
Negative ions purify the air by magnetically attracting to pollutants until these newly-formed larger particles become too heavy to remain in the air you breathe. Ultraviolet air cleaners continually produce negative ions and ozone, so even if one of these fallen particles is kicked up into the air, it is quickly removed again. These fallen particles are typically collected by your normal cleaning activities. The most important thing though, is that they are taken out of the air, preventing you from inhaling them into your lungs, which is how they cause problems.

How Ultraviolet Air Purifiers Produce Negative Ions
UV air cleaners use photoionization (patent-pending) to produce negative ions. The UV bulb inside the unit is produces photoelectrons, which reacts with conductivity of the metal shield inside the chamber to create negative ions. Photoionization creates 4,000 to 7,000 negative ions per cubic centimeter, which is enough to somewhat reduce floating particulate such as dust mites, smoke, chemicals, etc.

By contrast, most indoor environments offer between 100 to 250 negative ions per cubic centimeter.

Most ozone-negative ion combination air purifiers use the corona discharge method for creating negative ions, which results in a negative ion concentration of about 1,000 ions per cubic cm.

The UV photoionization process also prevents "black wall" effect. This is a condition where high densities of negative ions, although very healthy for you, can blacken walls and furnishings by magnetically attaching to them.


4. Ultraviolet (UV) Light

Ultraviolet light has been used for years by the medical field to sanitize rooms and equipment, and is recommended by Centers for Disease Control for its ability to destroy germs and other biological pollutants. Now LifeTech brings this technology to home air purification.

Ultraviolet light from the sun destroys viruses, bacteria, fungi, and other pollutants, including mold spores. LifeTech UV lamps offer a much higher concentration of ultraviolet light than even the sun. UV light damages the DNA structure of the microorganism, causing its destruction. Once the UV light sterilizes the pollutant, it is no longer able to reproduce (which is how harmful microogranism levels are sustained and increased). It then becomes inactivated, or microbiologically dead, rendering it harmless. Since the ultraviolet light is only directed inside the unit, there are no potential harmful side effects.

These UV lamps treat the air that enters the UV chamber through the indoor environment's natural air currents, and also with its fan. Plus, the UV uses a unique convection process to draw additional air through the unit, above and beyond what is achieved by way of natural air currents and the fan. The purified air is then blown back out.

The geometrically-designed metallic shield inside directs the air closer to the bulb, while causing the air to spiral around the bulb. As a result, bacteria and chemicals are forced to stay close enough to the bulb for sufficient amount of time to be destroyed.

UV lamps are powered by 12 volt direct current (internally generated), which provides constant wattage without fluctuation. Fluctuating power has traditionally been a problem spot as far as UV light generation is concerned, but has finally been cured with Babbs's new technology.

(Left) A single UV bulb creates "Reflective light", resulting in a larger and more effective "UV Killing Zone". This allows sufficient UV intensity and contaminate exposure time to destroy bacteria, viruses, germs, chemicals, etc. 

UV lamps are powered by 12 volt direct current (internally generated), which provides constant wattage without fluctuation. Fluctuating power has traditionally been a problem spot as far as UV light generation is concerned, but has finally been cured with UV new technology.


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LifeTech In-Duct Air Purifier Specifications

Max. Treatment Area 1500 sq. ft., 40,000 cubic feet
Ozone Output Accumulation will not exceed .04 ppm
Ion Generation Photoionization of negative ions (4000 - 7000 ions per cubic cm.)
Materials PVC
Electrical Input: 12VDC, 1.9 Amp
Power Cord AC/DC transformer, "B" type - center pin "+"
Approvals Electrical components - UL, CSA
Manufacturing Plant EPA registered establishment
Warranty 5-year - parts and labor


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In-Duct Models Available

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Germicidal UV (UV-C) has been used to control bacteria and other bioaerosols, and for odor control in hospitals, food processing and the pharmaceutical industry for more than 50 years. Now, the CAP500 Series Germicidal UV Air Purifiers bring high-performance UV technology to homeowners, and more profit for your business.The powerful CAP500 models are specially designed to help control the formation of molds, bacteria and other health-threatening microbes that can live and multiply inside the crevices of a forced-air HVAC system. In addition, cooking, pet and tobacco odors are eliminated by the UV disinfection power of the CAP500 germicidal lamp.


Price: $400 - includes 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Shipping: Free! Normally takes 1-2 weeks to arrive.
Replacement Parts: UV lamp ($), replace every 12 months. Go to buy now page
The CAP500-UV model is equipped with a powerful germicidal UV-C lamp that produces no ozone. The CAP500-UV unit provides best results in above-coil installations. This location allows the lamp to continuously irradiate bacteria, viruses and other microbes on the exposed surfaces of the coil fins to high levels of germicidal UV

Price: $450 - includes 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Shipping: Free! Normally takes 1-2 weeks to arrive.
Replacement Parts: UV lamp ($), replace every 12 months. Go to buy now page
The CAP500-UVP model is equipped with a UV Plus lamp that combines a high-performance germicidal UV-C lamp with photolysis for the strongest defense against the formation of molds and mold-related odors. The CAP500-UVP must be installed on the return side to allow for the oxidized gas reaction to penetrate into the downstream HVAC components most susceptible to mold growth and microbial odor generation. The CAP500-UVP is especially effective against organisms that may be growing in the nooks and crannies of the heat exchanger and in other locations difficult to expose to UV light


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