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Featuring Asthma, Allergy,
& Indoor Air Quality Issues


Worsening indoor air quality linked to increases in asthma and other breathing problems.

Asthma ChecklistAsthma/Allergy Checklist: 27 tips for controlling your asthma and allergies by controlling your environment.

quotes.gif (201 bytes) The purchase of the in-duct air cleaner was a good investment. It has helped our family tremendously, since we live in a high allergy area. We do not take as many allergy pills. We also sleep much better at night.quotes2.GIF (178 bytes)

Indoor Air Quality EpidemicIndoor Air Quality Epidemic

Find out all about the nation's number one environmental health problem

mite.JPG (2681 bytes)6 ways to reduce house dust mites
(the most common trigger of asthma)

9 ways to reduce mold in your home


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