Build a radon resistance home -- build a passive radon vent into your new home. Contact Babb and ask them for details

Phone 309-275-3402

Or 309-829-9455 Ask for Jerry




1.   It is cheaper to install a radon reduction system during construction than to go back and fix a radon problem identified later. And it won't have to be installed on the out side of your home. So call Babb Service now for information 309-275-3402, 309-829-9455. After a passive system is installed We provide a guarantee that radon levels will be below 4 pC/iL.


2.     We provide a test kit ; you will set up this test after you move into your new home and settled in.


3. This test is to be exposed for three months and then sent in a postpaid mailer to the lab and they will send the results back to the you.


4.     We guarantee the result of that test to be below 4 pCi/L. If not, contact Babb and we will send a tech to the home and make the system active and provide a second test to show results below 4 pCi/L.


5.     There will be no charge for this installing (4.) active system or second test.


6.     All homes built today should not be built without a passive radon vent installed. On average installing radon-resistant features during construction reduces radon levels by an average of about 50% and, in most cases, to levels below EPA's action level. Installation cost about $500 - $700. Call today for a quote 309-829-9455, 309-275-3402 Thanks Jerry


7.   Radon is a carcinogen, (cancer causing agent)Radon Is the leading cause of lung cancer In none smoker's

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