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Need Quote for Radon level Age of home

Is there a Passive Radon System installed in the home?
Passive is

Construction Total basement sq feet slab on grade sq feet

If the home has part/or all concrete slab on grade (Not basement) are the heating or ac ducts in the concrete floor? Yes No

Basement finish is Basement floor type

Sellect example of basement foot prints that may fit your basement select A B C D E F G

1:Is there an unfinished room in the basement or a crawl on either the end walls or the back wall of the home? That would allow access to install the system on that outside wall? Yes No

1:2 Is there a patio or deck, Or a wrap around porch That would interfere with installation of a system on the outside wall of the home? Yes No

2:Is there a attached garage? Yes No

3: Is there an unfinished room or a crawl that would give access to the garage that has no rooms above and we could put the system in the attic of the garage? Yes No

Number of crawlspaces Need to know Is Crawl Square Rectangle L shape

By Measuring rooms above Crawl. You may determine size of crawlspace. We Need Linear Feet Not Square Feet.
Enter Length and Width of crawl .1 crawl 2 crawl 3
Square and Rec Like,10'x15', L shape would have 6 measurement's Like, 10x15x8x12x18x27 , Example of L Shape

Is There In The Crawl, A Furnace A Water heater Furnace and Water Heater Are They on Concrete Block

Hung from rafter In crawl on Dirt floor

Crawl Must Be Cleand Out, All items removed. Plastic covering can stay.

Walls of craw are

Walls of crawl have Installation on wall

Crawl is accessible to seal and at least 36inch minimum clearance from floor to rafters? yes no

Crawl has

Crawl is Debris/objects must be removed

Sumps Pump type is back up type
click on Submersible pump, Pedestal pump . For a image of pump

Look inside your sump pit how many 3"or 4" tiles come into the pit only count 3" or 4".The count helps the pricing
click for image of tiles entering pit

Do you have basement dewatering: Yes No Type of dewatering
Select dewatering type from List


Do you have hot water (BASEBOARD) heat in basement? Yes No

If yes for baseboard heat

What type of roof cover? shake slate metal asphalt

Be sure to list additional information about home not listed above. If the basement floor type is concrete and brick tell me of the condition of the floor. Is the concrete all broken up? Are the bricks loose and some missing? Is there a ledge around the basement wall sometimes called a potato wall? It would be about 4 feet high and 2 feet deep. It could have a good concrete top or it could be all broken up.You can also email me pictures of out side and the basement to show conditions. Also, you can email me any questions you might have. Picture size no larger than 700x500 pixels please. Thanks Jerry
You can have a free no cost on site Quote. call office 309-829-9455.set day and time.No weekends. if you have a crawl space. It must be open before I get to your home. Also provide a step stool.

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