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Many molds can cause adverse health effects.  Mold spores can be inhaled and can have symptoms such as runny nose, sneezing, nasal congestion, skin rash, asthma attacks, chest tightness and shortness of breath.  The longer the exposure, the more serious the illness.


Air Sample Testing: $ 225.00

Tape Strip Testing: $ 175.00

Another way to test for mold is a visual inspection.  If you see mold or smell mold then assume you have contamination.

Disturbing the mold spores can put them airborne and cause health problems.

Mold likes to live, grow and reproduce in dark, damp, moist places.

Keeping your home, basement and crawlspace free of moisture and good air movement will help reduce your risk.


All areas of mold will be removed, treated and sealed according to and comply with EPA guidelines.

Affected areas of home will be kept contained during remediation.

All agents used are EPA Registered.

EPA Registered Sealer has a 10 Year Warranty!!



Stachybotrys chartarum (BLACK MOLD) is a type of toxic mold which will grow anywhere indoors where there is moisture. This type of mold is most commonly found in homes or buildings that have sustained flooding or water damage, roof, wall or floor leaks or condensation.

The World Health Organization and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency have raised concerns about the dangers of poor air quality and how it is related to SBS (sick building syndrome.)

Common Places to Find Toxic Mold


Mold Prevention and Ventilation

As many of you are aware, building codes often require vents in crawlspaces to allow fresh air exchange. However, research has proven that it actually adds to the moisture levels. With this in mind, if a homeowner pays to have mold removed from a crawlspace, they really haven't "fixed" anything, and that mold will return unless something is done to change the way moisture is introduced. This is what led to more research on the issue, And Covering with a plastic membrane and ventilatine under this cover. was found to be the most effective way of addressing it. As a byproduct of the process, there were many other benefits when implemented. For example:Warmer floors above. Reduce energy costs (up to 20% in some cases), improve air quality in the home (reducing Radon Levels, airborne allergens, mold growth, asthma antagonists, etc.), protect the home from deterioration caused by moisture, greatly reduce likelihood of pet infestation, provide home with additional storage space, increase overall value (and resale value). There are over 26 million homes in the U.S. with vented crawlspaces, so there is a growing demand for the service.

Give us a call (309) 829-9455 and we can explain in more detail how the process works as well as assist you in getting a head start into Covered Crawl Spaces.



6 Ways To Help Prevent Mold In Your Home:

1. Fix all sources of leaks. Remember, mold thrives in damp conditions.

2. Install air conditioning in your home (dries the air out, making it more difficult for mold to survive).

3. Have your air duct's cleaned.

4. Pay special attention to the basement, which is the part of your home mold is most likely to be a problem. Keep it as dry as possible. You may want to keep an air purifier in your basement. An air filter will not destroy mold, but an ion & ozone generator will. Also install a Ventilation system in the basement floor this draws air from beneath the concrete floor venting to the out side, This drawing of air beneath the concrete floor dries the sub-base out thus less humidity in the home. In additon to removing dampenss from beneath the concrete floor.

Ventilation also removes soil gas odor and can reduced Radon Levels. **See our web-page on Radon**

5. Clean the shower floor frequently to ensure that mold does not accumulate.

Note: The first 5 suggestions listed above can help to prevent the growth of mold in your home. However, if a significant amount of mold already exists in your home, then it will be difficult to remove the airborne mold spores with the methods listed above. These airborne mold spores can continue to reproduce and multiply without, unless you have an air purifier capable of effectively neutralizing and removing mold spores from the air, which leads us to the ninth recommendation:

6. Place an air purifier in your home that emits negative ions and ozone(For sale by Babb Service) .


Negative ions and ozone are both capable of reducing the effects of mold. Negative ions are able to remove the spores from the air, to reduce the allergic reactions that you may suffer as a result of mold. It is the mold spores released by the mold, when inhaled, that cause these allergic reactions. Negative ions are much more effective than air filters (even HEPA air filters) at removing allergens, such as mold spores . Ozone has also been found to be lethal for mold. Back


Facts About Crawlspace Moisture Management:

o Wet and damp crawlspaces can cause mold, indoor allergies, structural wood rotting, and flooring damage.
o 26 Million Existing homes have dirt crawlspaces.
o Covered crawlspaces can save an average of 15% of annual heating and cooling costs.
o Dry crawlspaces help prevent airborne indoor allergens.
o Install a radon system in the basement floor this draws air from beneath the concrete floor venting to the out side, This drawing of air beneath the concrete floor dries the sub-base out thus less humidity in the home. In additon to removing dampenss from beneath the concrete floor.

Radon/Ventilation systems also remove soil gas odor and can reduce Radon levels.


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