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Asthma, Hay Fever & Pets
8 tips to reduce the risk of asthma and hay fever
attacks when pets are in the home.

Have your Air Ducts Cleaned Once a Year By Babb's, And install a UVlight. Good for you and your Pets

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If possible, keep your pets outside. If not, then at least keep them out of the bedroom where asthma sufferers sleep.

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There is evidence that bathing your pet at least once a week will reduce the amount of allergens it emits.

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If possible, have someone other than the person with asthma bathe your pet(s).

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Brush your pet outside regularly. If possible, avoid having the asthma sufferer do this.

check.JPG (2839 bytes)Clean your pets litter box, cage, etc. on a regular basis.

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Cover your fabrics, furniture, pillows, and mattresses with plastic covers.

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Immunotherapy can be helpful. However, there can be side effects with this treatment.

check.JPG (2839 bytes)When pets are in the home, there is no avoiding the fact that there will be dander, hair, and contaminates emitted from their feces in the air your breathe. In which case, an air purifier is a good idea if you must have them, preferably one that does not rely on a filter to clean the air . Plus, if you get an air purifier that uses negative ions and ozone instead of just a filter, it will effectively reduce odors, which can also trigger asthma, aside from the fact that they are unpleasant.

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